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  1. there are so many myths , old data, and just flat out wrong information that have built up over the years and i was wondering what exactly are the long term effects of restarting a sim/region.. for instance have heard it can take as many as 8 hours for the sim to "settle" from all the scripts restarting and so forth after a restart. that you should not restart the sim if there's problem before a large event. that sim restarts will move your sim to a different server that can possibly make lag worse. sim restarts can sometimes make builds disappear.
  2. ok i built a sculpt using sculpt studio 6.1 in world. uploaded sculpt looks great saved allthe pertinant files, and now want to create a single texture for the sculpt..i ahve bits and pieces of textures i want to use to create the look of the item...i uploaded the obj file into blender. .. worked my way thgouht learnign how to paint with the UV's etc..now .. heres the problem ..i dont know understnad how to save adn upload JUST THE TEXTURE of the sculpt(not the sculpt map) and not make it a mesh .. becuase ive tried doing the prim cost check and its something liek 70 LI compared to the 1
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