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  1. I am a premium member and I was not able to enable voice morphing without first subscribing to a voice pack and then relogging. Should I be able to use this feature without paying 750L? If so, how do I get my $L back for the two packs I subscribed to for the month? BTW, I own VoxMorph and cannot get it to work with anything on my Mac running Catalina. Thanks, Chrissy
  2. Actual answer is 9 (Courtesy of Builder's Brewery): Box: Path Cut: B: 0.199 E: 0.800 Hollow: 50.0 Skew: 0.00 Hollow Shape: Triangle Twist: B: 0 E: 0 Taper: X: 0.00 Y:0.00 Top Shear: X: 0.00 Y: 0.00 Slice: B: 0.00 E: 1.00 Radius: 0.000 Revolutions: 1.00
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