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  1. I was unable to do the first two because I could not find the folder in either directory. I managed to login fine and disable http textures fine but Teleports were still not happening. I looked at the Packet loss and it's fine 0.0% It might be a local thing preventing me from doing anything in SL so I'll give that program a look. I'm actually a little skeptical about trying it but I'll try it. Might start looking into the third party viewers just to see if it's any better (already tried with Kirstens viewer but got the same result). Thanks for the help! and sorry for late reply, I was a bit busy xP
  2. I am about ready to rip my hair out over this but I'm not quite ready to give up yet! The viewer comes up fine and all that jazz. When I go to log in is when the problems happen. It either takes way to long to log me in, or it freezes while logging in. I've started and restarted, installed and reinstalled the viewer numerous times and it's been the same result each time. I'm logging in in Advanced mode (normal mode) because that's what I'm used to. When I do manage to get inworld the "People" tab on the sidebar seems to take forever to load (like showing usernames/friendlist/Groups) or just doesn't load at all. When I try to teleport to somewhere it doesn't work and it basically crashes me out. This is quite frustrating and it's making it impossible for me to have fun in SL :( I don't know what to do xP all help is appreciated. I'm using the Mac OS X version of Viewer 2. (and sorry if similar posts have been made, I searched like crazy but found nothing)
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