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  1. Thanks so much, Fox - not the answer I was hoping for - but the one I expected. Thanks for confirming that for me.
  2. Thanks, Evangeline, you just read my mind - and I was looking for that exact answer!
  3. Thanks, Blush - not the answer I wanted - but the one I expected
  4. Thanks Evangeline. A further question to clarify, please - it is one of the older linden homes and my purchased land is on the mainland. So - I have a total of 1024m (half linden freebie 512 and half purchased 512). When I abandon the old freebie, which is a 512 and move to a new 1024 - will that mean I will have to either sell or pay tier on my mainland owned land???
  5. I own a 512 plot - will i have to sell that to claim a new linden home?
  6. aurora Russell

    aurora russell

    I currently own a 512 plot and have the Premium gift of a 512. Will I have to sell off my owned plot in order to move to one of the new homes?
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