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  1. Hello - Thalia Firehawk here -    I just upgraded to a premium membership, received my free 512m home with 117 prims. My problem is - I need more prims! I have beem looking around - saw I could upgrade my tier to 1536 meters which has more prims, but even doing that - do not know if I need to go buy a 1536 meter house or land, or how to use it so that I can have access to more prims! I would be willing to buy more prims, but cannot find any way to do that either. So...I have reset my 'tier' to the next size up, & apparently now have access to up to 1/64th of a region, or 1536 meters, which is 1024 more meters than the basic 512 meter home with 117 prims, which comes with the premium membership upgrade.    Can someone tell me what I need to do to have access to more prims? What does moving up to the next tier do for people - how can that be used to acquire more prims - how to buy the additional land or bigger house?    But - more than anything - all I am seeking right now is some way to purchase or acquire more prims - my existing 512m home is nice enough - I just need more prims.    I will wait around & check on this question & all possible answers - have already exhausted looking for the answer on how to increase my prims & can find no explanations anywhere else!    Thank you in advance for all information, suggestions, & answers! :-) love, Thalia
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