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  1. Nicely exposed, and I second it. Yes, SL is a place that seems to gather a lot of drama and propels it with generosity. Thanks once more for your views. H.
  2. Thanks a lot for your input too, Amethyste. True; all the chances you mention are possible; however I'm not that sure the trouble that implies doing all those things are worth so much effort. I know, more than a possiblility it's some sort of moral obligation for me to proceed as you say so as to help to retire those with unsocial behaviors be it inworld or out there so that they don't have a chance to repeat what they've done with me. But calling law enforcers is perhaps a bit too much, so I will report the landowner despite firmly believing that not only I won't know the outcome of my report but, even more so, I can bet no action will be taken at all. With that, it won't count as resignation. One thing I won't understand is why can't I mention the one who did all this so as to let others know who are they dealing with. Are we protecting the name of baddies here?.
  3. Thanks for your comments, I edited it and removed the landowner's name; having had a peaceful SL I didn't know that rule existed since I haven't felt the need to ask for help until this day. I will wait until monday and then will do as you suggest. Were it a smaller amount of money or hadn't she admitted she did wrong I wouldn't have cared about asking for my money back, but I guess I should do it, how very unfortunate. Again, many thanks for your time. H.
  4. Since 2009, I’ve punctually paid my rent, (30.000 L) for a homestead. This month, as each before it, I did as well but apparently a glitch in Linden’s payment system made it not as visible. So she, the landowner, required me to pay for the rent, which I already did. As to prove that I had done so, I enclosed in a notecard a capture of my transaction History proving that I had bought 30.000 on the last day of june and that I sent them to her. I even got in contact with Linden Support Centre which confirmed that I had, in fact transferred that amount to her account on that same day. Unbothered, she returned me the whole objects in the Homestead. Even if I did not pay which is not the case here, perhaps a one day grace would have been desirable. Anyway, she then acknowledged that it was her fault, admitting it was her fault and apologized. Not that it changed a thing because return was not an option since in a few hours she had a Gorean furniture seller where I had my home since 2009 and the things where returned to me in the most uncaring way. Ok, she has admitted it was her fault. That I did pay. That he shouldn’t have done what she did. I’ve asked her to refund me the money I paid her in exchange for nothing but despite admitting things she doesn’t seem inclined to do such thing. Having paid for something I won’t be able to use, and as she has admitted she did wrong, she owes me 30.000L. So. 1.- Be extra careful and 2.- How do I get my Lindens back from her? Thanks for your help.
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