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  1. I am trying to download a soundfile to make a gesture for this new avatar I did and was told I needed to download the .wav file to my computer which I did and the byte needed to be less than 10 seconds in length which it is. I keep getting an error. Unknown Vorbis encode failure on: Any advice?
  2. This has been an ongoing issue lately and at first I thought it was just me, but several of my friends seem to be having the same issue. We have to play the gestures twice to be able to hear them. Does anyone know of any issue like that? We have cleared cache, rebooted, restarted the sim and nothing seems to work.
  3. I have a Premium Account and my monthly fee was deducted from my checking account, but I failed to get my weekly stpend of $300L. Is there a problem with my account?
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