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  1. Just recently,ive been unable to rezz pose balls and menu for a bed.the house was moved slight;y and the area was cleared of scripts by the estates manager.I do not have this problem when away from home.This problem has become increasingly worse in a short period of time.It started with me being unable to lay down,after standing,the pose ball became invisbale,and when i did see it I was be sitting rather than laying.Now,im unable to raise a menu or pose balls at all.Down stairs on the sofa,I can get a menu and poseballs,but they do not put me in the desired position.What can be done?
  2. I'm having a problem walking,i have trouble getting started and stopping.Also when teleproting I am extremely slow in getting started,and I often crash while teleporting.Most TPs are successful though,but very slow in obtaining the region request.Also my camera controls do not respond as they used to.The wheel on the right (for wider radius) will not respond when I click on it,and when it finally does respond,it seem to go much further than it used to,in other words,it over shoots my object of interest.If I use the camera controls too much at one time,it causes a crash.This is especially seen in a place with many AVIs.I clear cache quite often.And,my computer is 4 yrs old,with adequate memory.Its is a 32 bit operating system,I'm beginning to wonder if my computer is adequate to run Second Life at all,Your thoughts on that and the problems ive made note of,Thank you for your assistance
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