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  1. a grid of compatible connected grids where the smallest grid is a single sim where it's size depends on the server it runs on. and the most successfull viewers will be the ones the users like the most. hmm, wait, i think i've heard of that somewhere before. ah, yes, france 1789-1799, hehehe
  2. i think it took round about a year until i felt like i know how SL works, lol. not every facebook kid is a designer, programmer or 3d artist. SL is way too complex for casual gamers. they want instant fun. they don't want to have to learn how to walk sexy or how to get stuff out of boxes. and most kids i know like to look cool, and when you arrive in SL you look everything else but cool. lol ipad, iphone games or facebook games are so successfull because you dont have to read books or watch videos about how to operate them. not everybody is dedicated enough to invest the amount of time it t
  3. how exactly are web profiles and the way they are implemented making SL more attractive for people who like facebook? again, they could have the same functionality like they have now or even more, but could still get shown in the sidebar. there is no real need to show them inside a browser inside SL. and a "show in browser" button would be perfectly fine. why adding a sidebar like that to have all the info in there, and a few month afterwards they start ripping it apart again? it appears as if they absolutely have no idea what they are doing and not as if there is some brilliant master plan b
  4. if it at least would be some improved kind of profiles, with more options, like for example beeing able to put more text in, more pictures, or videos. like a little blog / facebook sort of thing. lol, didnt you just add the sidebar? and now you start showing the info that got shown there in a browser? is that the first step of getting rid of the sidebar? if so, i'm all for it, and cheer. ever thought about thinking about how you want your product to look like when it's done, before you start working on it? like making a concept first and then start working when you have one. like having goa
  5. why not just display the web profile data where the "old" profile data got shown before and simply add a "show in browser" button at the bottom, which when clicked opens the browser if people feel a need to see profiles in a browser? (even if it's totally unnecessary) wouldn't that solve most of the problems everybody here is complaining about? ok, except the privacy ones, maybe. you could even have a "like on facebook" button and "twitter" or whatever in the SL client. still could be found by search engines or whatever the reason was to make the web profiles. oh, yes, what was the reason?
  6. oh, now that we have web profiles, how about 3d profiles next? to walk around in. kinda like facebook, but in 3d? lol
  7. deleted because its pointless.
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