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  1. Fact: I wonder how long the above poster took to write all that drivel. I feel more empowered by having read all those facts. Most of them repeated repeatedly. Fact: LL is opening up a can of worms and they are always so worried about people age playing well guess what now they just gave the pervs a way to REALLY age play. Thanks LL And personally speaking there isn't a darn thing a 13 yr old could possibly teach me. I have kids irl I come here to escape rl . I spend my hard earned money here and I think it's LL's responsiblity to keep the Adults safe and not have to worry about kids when its OUR money supporting this place. Age verify everyone period! If your not 18 you dont get into SL PERIOD. I think LL will do what they want. Perhaps if we just stop spending our money here for a month, they'll see that we need to be heard.
  2. All I see is a big fat law suit from some parent and SL being shut down just like Yahoo user rooms were. They also tried to create a place for the kiddies to chat but that did NOT keep the adults out of their area! What is LL's going to do to prevent the pervies from swooping down in the kids in their sims. Also what is to keep the kids from camming into a neighboring mature or adult sim or island and enjoying the show.
  3. This is my problem. I have no internal mic. My mic is not plugged in. Yet, when I am in chat and listening to others I've had two people tell me they can hear me typing every now and then. This worries me alot, because at times I may be on the phone and I do not wish my calls to be heard. I don't know how they are hearing me. What I want to know is this. How can I listen to others talking and also turn off or completely remove the portion that will put any sound through from me. I know there is a talk button. I have never used it except when we were trying to figure out how sound was coming from my computer and the lock symbol was closed. I will leave SL before I'll allow any personal information to be heard by strangers without my knowledge. Please help me put my mind at ease when I'm chatting by knowing that stupid talk feature is gone.
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