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  1. Doxie is the daughter of Elizabeth and Gunari Domenici. A female werewolf and a Carpathian Hunter, making her half werewolf and half Carpathian. Two of the strongest species known to their kind. She has one older brother, Vladimir, that was born about 250 years before her. But being what they are, it is still considered young among them and they grew up being close and learning together, their minds absorbing everything that was taught to them, that they saw around them. Where Vlad was born in Bucovina, Doxie was born in the Americas, and learned a bit of the American Female indepence, muc
  2. Humans are QUITE allowed! lol They can be part of the big bad society hunting vampires and Carpathians alike. Or they can be locals that live there. Or those that work in the tavern. Lots of possibilities.
  3. ۰ ✜۰۰✜۰ ۰✜۰Cαrpαthiaŋ Légαcy۰✜۰ ۰✜۰Introduction to Carpathian Roleplay۰✜۰ ✜۰READ CAREFULLY!۰✜۰ ۰✜۰Please read all of this before joining Us۰✜۰ ۰✜۰۰✜۰ Carpathian roleplay is based on a series of paranormal romance novels written and co
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