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  1. There is an avatar that keeps turning up on my home sim where I admin. I have seen her turn up a few times on radar and thought little of it. Then, out of the blue, she turned up next to me on a totally different sim that I just happened to be visiting, then just disappeared the moment I turned around. If this had been some really popular store or something I would have just thought 'hah, you have the same taste in hair as me' or something, but this sim was totally random, not well known place at all, the kind of place no-one's ever heard of to the point that it being a coincidence is a bit of a stretch. If you wish to know, I had been researching how to make scuplties and the website for the Jass program had directed me to an inworld store in order to get a link to the download. Y'know? Not like Truth Hair or some well known place, but somewhere totally obscure. See what I mean? For her to turn up at that same obscure place at the same time as me like that is just weird. I told the name of this avatar to another admin and she said the avatar is a suspected bot. I have since seen her turn up on my home sim but she always disappears two seconds later before I get the chance to approach. I've left a polite offline to no reply. My question, or rather questions, are: Is it possible for someone to track and follow you on SL from another sim? Is it possible for bots to do this? Does anyone have any insight or similar experience in this? I'm not worried, just curious.
  2. Ask her when her period is. If she tells you when it is - she's a man If she tells you to get lost - she a woahman
  3. No, not panther tribe or any conection to Gor :smileywink: :smileyvery-happy: We have Amazons tho: The Havens are a few lands like Moonhaven and Sunhaven. There's a mysterious haven were I think the elves live. Starhaven is where 'my' jungle is ('my' as in RP mine - in case teh ownerz eva reed dis :smileytongue:) the group for Starhaven is the Amazons :smileyvery-happy: I'm in the Amazon group, but Tanya the jungle girl (lol) hasn't had really a lot of contact with the Amazons yet (to be continued...) :smileyhappy:
  4. I was recently lookin round SL not really sure what I was lookin for, when I stumbled upon a small jungle. I immediately fell in love with the place and decided I wanted to live there. Haven't really got much RP experience, but now I'm a jungle girl and enjoy bumping into people in 'my' jungle who wonder who this strange (and slightly dumb) girl in rags is. Turns out the jungle is attached to some other lands that are all part of a RP group called The Havens. I'm looking forward to seeing how Tanya the jungle girl will fit in to it all :smileywink:
  5. I was promoted twice up to Honoured Resident without having a single post to my name. All I did was log in and upload a pic for my badge.:smileywink:
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