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  1. This is nuts. The marketplace is flooded by skin copies. It will cost Linden in the long run. Why buy a skin for 2000L when some thief is selling it for 225L like this guy? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/137456 You'll buy fewer lindens. Creators will stop making content. The economy will start crashing.
  2. As the title says, I'd like to have a custom tattoo done. You'll need to be skilled as the seams will be tricky- the design I want will spread over the upper back and upper shoulders. Please IM me in-world (Murdock Firelight) or reply here.
  3. Logging in to an old avatar the other day, I noticed his skin looked a lot like some of the newer, popular skins that the very trendy fashionistas are wearing these days. My old avatar has the Dave Gears skin from Abyss and it looks a lot like the skins offered at Fashionz!, the body co, and ~Tableau Vivant~. The muscles and especially the face are an exact match and it is clear that these newer skins are based on Abyss' Dave Gears. My question is this- where did everyone get the template? Did they purchase it from Abyss' creator? Is there some community of skin creators that share templates? If so, I want in on it. How does this work?
  4. I'd like to have a skin made or edited for a male avatar. Contact me in world- Murdock Firelight, or reply here.
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