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  1. 1 hour ago, Orwar said:

       Well, most bloggers are paid only in the products they advertise for the creators they work with, which gives both parties publicity opportunities. Fashion blogging has pretty much replaced in-world modelling, and whilst there are similarities between the two, bloggers will often not just model, but also take the picture themselves, edit the pictures, play the Flickr game, design a website for their blog, operate the Blogotex, occasionally using further platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, writing credit lists with store SLURLs, etc. - all whilst themselves paying for their domain, premium/pro features on those platforms and for subscriptions for their editing programs.

       So, a model wanting to do only a fraction of that work, wanting to get paid in addition to just doing the styling part, when there's a legion of aspiring and experienced, hard working bloggers out there .. Sort of comes off a little naive and entitled, to be honest. And, as you mentioned yourself, a store owner could just as well just put in their policy that their CSRs should be on-site and be representative of the brand's products whilst on the clock, to kill two birds with one stone.

       There still are catwalk events though, and whilst some stores may use models, most stores who do will use bots - some tattoo stores even have bots that customers can control via demo interfaces to TP over to the tattoo you're interested in and put it on so you can see what it looks like in-world without putting a demo on (because apparently making demo versions of tattoos is too much work - BoM products rarely have demos, which I find curious). 

       Back in the early days of SL, when many people were happy to make L$5 in a day of sim camping, and anyone who could figure out how to rez a prim could potentially become a successful creator, being paid a steady income of L$5 per hour to be a model was, in a sense, glamorous. The economy of SL has changed a lot since then, most clubs' tip jars start at L$50 for their suggested tip amounts, and dancers can list hundreds of L$ for a 15 minute private dance, with some going up to thousands in hourly rates for more intimate services.

    People who blog and do marketing in RL are always amazed at the amount of work bloggers in SL do for free. And despite them investing RL money into it, very few have been able to generate RL income from that. Bloggers and brands exchange their services. I say that because the "payment" does not pay bloggers' tier where they use to set up their scenes for blog posts. But the bloggers' work help the brands generate income. Otherwise, blogging wouldn't be as huge of a thing as it has become.

    Yes, the emphasis has changed. With the advent of mesh (and demos), and the fact that brands don't need people to visit their stores in order to make sales (i.e. tons of events), everything that went along with making their brand stand out via personal experience took a back burner.

    SL modeling is good at making the brand look great, via visual performance. The focus is on celebrating both the brand and designer as their work is showcased. You can't use Photoshop to select a pose that allows you to walk in a gown, or to hide fabric breaks while posing. Shows can be used as part of introducing a brand new release or collection at  main stores. How many brands nowadays release at their stores compared to at events? But then again, some events have fashion shows as part of their marketing.

    With bloggers, SL brands utilize them by giving them product so that the bloggers can promote to their followers. Many can style clothing in a way that the brand can't. And it fits with the trend of rushing to get sales ASAP before the next big event opens. This is why most brands tell bloggers to blog within the first few days of an event opening. Some people call bloggers print models because they basically model the clothing in their posts.

    However, when it comes to a photo shoot, experienced models are trained to style an outfit on the spot, and can do it quickly. I am not sure if an experienced blogger can do the same. From my experience, models know that their job is to showcase the work of the designer, and to use their skills to make the outfit look great. And they are used to collaborating with others. Bloggers work by themselves, and have more of a mindset that they need to showcase themselves. If a designer doesn't want someone to wear a tattoo because it doesn't fit in their vision of the outfit, the model will adjust. The blogger may protest if that's a tattoo that they never take off.

    I find that both models and bloggers are devalued in SL. This happens a lot in jobs that provide services, vs those who create products. However, both models and bloggers enjoy what they do, so they don't mind. I just don't like it when people take advantage of that, and create a mindset that they don't deserve to be paid. This creates a lot of guilt in both bloggers and models when they want to take a break, but don't want to disappoint the brands that they work with. I have seen it many times, and it always makes me sad.

    So when you say that it's entitlement that dictates that a model be paid for a fraction of the work, I believe it's because you think models have little value. I understand if a photographer needs models to build up their portfolio, or start-up brands not paying because they don't have a lot of money in the first place. However, if models do a vendor ad that ends up making someone money, you don't think they don't deserve any pay at all? If the brand pays for a photographer to take the picture, does the photographer get paid? If the poses were available for the model to pose on, did the pose maker get paid? This illustrates my point with product vs. service.

    Models who don't know how to conduct themselves at a photo shoot is the same as bloggers setting up a basic blog and then spamming applications to as many brands as they can. Neither of them deserve any product nor payment.


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  3. On 4/23/2021 at 9:18 AM, Orwar said:

       From a photographer's perspective .. Why should I pay models rather than make my own alts to use to model? Saves me a ton of hassle instructing people how to adjust things, allows me to make the pose for my own avatars' shapes, and there's no one trying to distract me by being flirty when I'm setting up the shoot. Besides, my alts are never late to shoots or fail to show up to appointments.

       Don't get me wrong, it's great fun to shoot with other people on occasion, and I have done the occasional model search - but it's never a paid position. It's always a deal of the model setting up their look, me doing the shoot and editing, they get to use the photos for their blogs or whatever, as long as they credit me as the photographer when they share it.

    I would say the trickiest thing is to decide when the photographer and model meet. Trained models know how to quickly style whatever look that someone gives them, and to make whatever adjustments necessary. And for vendor ads or advertisement ads,  I don't consider clothing as payment, because a lot of the time I won't wear it after the shoot. So what value would it be for me? I can't pay tier with an outfit.

    Sometimes photographers need models for their portfolio. That may be more of an exchange of services. The model provides their time and use as a subject. The photographer gets their practice, gets another photo for their portfolio, and may thank the model by giving them a photo from the session.

  4. I work as a store model in SL. They are still out there if you know where to look. But I would imagine that they want experienced models.

    Store modeling in SL has decreased because the average brand doesn't care anymore about bringing traffic to their main stores. They care about putting their items to market (aka events). Also, models serve as a way to show off the clothing before you buy it. Nowadays, anyone can demo clothing.

    If anything, look at related skills such as CSR, and vendor ad creation. If you work as a CSR, some stores want you to be on site, which means you would need clothing so you can represent the brand. If you do vendor ad creation, then you will take photos of yourself to be used in the ads. Hence, you will need their clothing.

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  5. On 2/14/2021 at 2:25 PM, Rowan Amore said:

    I'd rather be wearing a body LESS people are using.  It's difficult enough trying to be unique.  I'm glad I switched to another body from Maitreya.  I would think the only people upset would be the body creators.

    If your body is not as popular, you run the chance of seeing something you really like, only for it to not made for your body. If you don't change your clothing a whole lot, then that's fine. If you like wearing the latest fashion, then that would suck.

    In terms of being unique, the only thing people can own is their style. Everything else can be copied. Just because two people have Maitreya does not mean they can't be unique.

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  6. For the people who are doubting the results, how is this any different from creators polling their own groups and social media? Wouldn't that be more biased, because if they are making x number of sizes, then those sizes would more likely dominate the results? At least this way, when you visit a number of regions, chances are it will be a different group of people (i.e. different data) each time. Also, they are actually wearing the bodies.

    No matter who does these surveys, there will always be a bit of a bias.  And there will always be people who are upset because their preferred body is not as popular/worn as others.

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  8. What sort of work did you do before? Mostly print, or other types of modeling?

    And I agree with everyone else - you really need to update your avatar and take photos that reflect the 2020 trends. Here are a few Flickr links from some of SL's current top models:




    They are all active on social media, bloggers, editorial print and runway experienced. Feel free to message me inworld if you have any questions ^^


  9. The Manor Suites is a well-established skybox rental company in Second Life that has been in business since 2011. We provide a luxury experience for a low price, and strive for an environment where renters can call their home.

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  11. In celebration of The Fashion Loft's “Sail Into Summer” event, TFL will have a party at headquarters on June 6, 2020 from 1- 6 PM SLT.

    Location:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20of%20Creation/160/27/21

    We will have T.C. (tc.foden) spinning the tunes from 1-3 PM SLT as we countdown for when the event opens at 3 PM SLT. Then at 3 PM, Talon will make sure we have a rockin’ good time as he performs live. DJ Foxie Love brings it home with high energy dance beats from 4 - 6 PM SLT

    Bring your friends and family, and don't forget to pick up the TFL Event HUD to do some hunting and shopping!

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  12. Come party at The Fashion Loft from 2- 6 PM SLT today! We have two DJs who are ready to bring on the tunes!

    2 - 4 PM | DJ Dazzler - Come party with us and test your skills as a Catwalk model at The Fashion Loft! Look great as you dance and walk, but make sure you don't trip as the bar gets higher and higher!

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  13. This week at The Fashion Loft, DJ Dazzler and DJ Foxie Love will be spinning the tunes! Don't forget to check out the schedule so you don't miss out!

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle of Creation/160/27/21

    Thursday April 23 - DJ Scotty 2-4 PM SLT

    Friday April 24 - DJ Scotty 2-4 PM SLT

    Saturday April 25 -  DJ Scotty 2-4 PM SLT : 70's Soul Disco - Dress Code: 70's

    Sunday April 26 - DJ Foxie 5-7 PM SLT

    Tuesday, April 28- DJ foxie 5-7 PM SLT:  High Energy Dance - Dress Code: PJ's

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