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  1. yes when i tp from a sim the timer will often reset
  2. oh no no this happens no matter what kinda sim i go to . i've read this also may be a memmory leak
  3. oh forgot to add that, yes i have tried lowering my arc heck i strolled around nude for awhile seeing if it fix anything....but to no avail
  4. i'm having an odd FPS drop from 40-50 to 7-2 after 15 minutes of residing in a sim with either structures and myself in view or other avatars and myself in view. i say this is odd because i can cam on a group of avatars up to 15-20 with myself in view for the first 15 minutes or stride around a prim/sculpt heavy sim like insilico for 15 minutes before this bug starts. now during this FPS drop if i cam away from myself and only have the scenery/ avatars in view, my frames go back up to 40-50 or if i have only myself in view and just a blank wall behind me or primless/ low prim count area, my frames are still fine. i can temporary fix this problem by simply relogging but i doubt anyone wants to relog every 15 minutes to fix an FPS drop. p.s. i have cleared my cache serveral times i've done 3 fresh reinstalls of phoenix and singularity aswell as the 2.0 viewer but the problem persists. not sure how to attach a dxdiag....but im running a GTX 460 graphics card, i have 6g's of RAM, 137g's left of memory, and i run win7 64bit
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