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    Second Life’s 8th Birthday celebration kicks off at 10:30 a.m pacific time!  The community has really created a fabulous celebration that you won’t want to miss. There are so many ways to have fun and stay on top of the action.  

    Take a look at the Second Life Birthday page for information on featured events and live twitter content. Another great place to read up on birthday happenings is the community run SL8B blog.  They have SL8B photos, blogs and news!
    Here is today's auditorium schedule: (pacific time)
    Monday June 20:
    12pm         Virtual Learning Spaces:  El Cerrito Village in SL (Troy Vogel)
    2pm            Prim Perfect
    3pm            Burn 2
    4pm            Meet the Artist
    5pm            Lessons from Virtual Concerts in the Park (Kate Miranda)
    6pm            Making Communities

    Don’t forget you can follow us @Secondlife and the #sl8b hashtag on Twitter for more real-time info! Plus, share memories and fondest moments in Second Life history with #slmoment

    Grab your free Birthday Bear at the Marketplace and come on in today to enjoy the events!
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