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  1. what do i do if ive done lots of things since losing lots of stuff? my inventory went from 60k items to 5k
  2. btw is there a way to unaccept an answer as a solution? I didn't mean to.
  3. it has a landing point and those with hosting abilities can post events only. i will have to check on the search
  4. This is another version of a question i asked about posting events. this post includes responses to my "answers"; the issue is still not resolved. Anyway, why can't i post events to the website? i know the location is mature and that i have permission to access mature and adult areas/information. I only get g rated locations in the drop down menu.. The manager swears I have permission as a host. i sometimes have trouble in that location, with things like managing the event board and posting notices. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. But I've consistantly been having problems popsting events. i have been able to do it before, but not in the last few weeks. Also, does it matter if im loggeed into a viewer and which viewer i use?
  5. I go to post an event on the website, as I'm expected to do and it won't give anything but g rated locations. i know i have "hosting" rights at the club and i have posted an event before. why am i suddenly not able to do it? i haven't been able to post them in a few weeks.
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