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  1. I've been logging in and it stops at updating friends... I've cleared my computer cache and secondlife cache cleared cookies on my browers and even cleaned the whole computer of trash files etc. and I get errors and https://gyazo.com/df5443062eaadd8335f30a78f121fb7e https://gyazo.com/e38f258bb430ee86a6e2aed714a41957 This message above keeps happening right after it says Updating friend list and I've checked my firewall it allowed secondlife thru for almost 8 years nothing has changed there and my wifi I restarted the router multiple times and resetted it on my laptop I don't get to why this error is popping up can anyone help? I also seen a post where it said to make sure I can see all my saved locations etc. but that doesnt work either because it doesnt allow me to use my locations when i log in the viewer only shows home and last location. https://gyazo.com/8cef5d07ee06b279159c19b7fff3b64c Is it possible to keep someone offline by spamming they account with log in's? so the real owner of the account couldn't log in? cause thats what I think may be happening here and to everyone else who have this issue but maybe im wrong? [[ no I haven't accept anything from anyone in the pass month]]
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