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  1. Thursday November 30 2017, 2:25 PM Thank you kindly, Rolig. I guess that has to be the answer. But, if that 'SL Notifier' app has been in the App Store for many months you would think the question posed would have been answered long ago? That is why I thought there was a problem with the posting date. At the very least, you would think the vendor of the app would have long since answered the URL question her or himself long ago? Poopers. ":0 Oh, its now a bit later, 3:43 PM, than my remarks above. Guess what I found out? The 'SL Notifier' that first came out many months ago, and talked about here in 2016, was only for MAC Users, NOT the Apple IPhone OS that existed back then. The vendor, nemesys-soft.com, just recently announced the MAC app has not been ported to the IPhone and is now available for IPhone iOS 11 which is a very recent 2017 Apple IPhone up-date. THIS is the IPhone I have and my problem is with this NEW 'SL Notifer,' and not the OLD one for MACS. Molly, back then, must have tried to use the MAC app on an IPhone? This is the only thing that makes sense? So, weirdness upon weirdness, huh?
  2. Thursday November 30 2017, 2:14 PM I'm referring to MollyAmour's post, and Yes it is dated way back, which is weird. I just recently found this 'SL Notifier' and have the same problem about the 'Server URL.' I would have thought, if that date is correct, that in all that time an answer to her question would have been posted. This is weird. Oh well... It seemed, since an answer was never posted to her question, that there was a problem with the dates. So weird, geez.
  3. Thursday November 30 2017, 1:49 PM Hi All, The 'SL Notifier' referred to above is a BRAND NEW app in the IPhone App Store. The 'pocket metaverse' app is long since DEAD. This new app ASKS YOU to enter the info about a 'server URL' but gives no info as to WHAT that is? Linda Latte (aka River Song) Stay here on Earth. It's the only planet with DARK CHOCOLATE !!
  4. Wednesday April 5 2017, 7:12 AM Hi All, I have 273 items in my marketplace 'Manage Listings' pages in the marketplace. They are all in random order, alphabetically. HOW do I get them in order? I have TRIED clicking or double-cling on NAME at the top of the column on the left. I'm frustrated. Any help on this? Linda Latte
  5. Thank you so much Arwen. I wonder, even tho most of my listings are marked as "Active," then when the "big switch," from the original marketplace to today's one occured, LL lost track of all my content? If I can figure out HOW to upload them I will TRY that. Maybe that will fix the problem? I tried to upload one item to the marketplace and did find and click the 'upload to marketplace' button. I don't know WHAT 'folder' they talked about. Does each item need a separate folder and contain the item and its pic, or what? I get the same error message. LL gives NOTHING by way of explanation as to what to do. This is so frustrating. Spent 2 years creating about 250 items that used to sell fine and now can do nothing with them. I'm a premium member and never had any luck with "LL support" for anything in the past so hesitate to ask them anything. Many thanks, and huggies! Linda Latte (aka River Song)
  6. Monday April 3 2017, 10:27 AM Hi All, I've had a few hundred items listed since 2008, and just today tried to "Test Delivery" and I can't. I do it and get a screen message saying the item has been delivered to my "Received Items" folder, but it is NEVER there. Also, some items are not marked "Active." When I try to activate them I get a screen message saying "The listing folder is hitting an unexpected error. Review the listing folder to see it is set up correctly." The active items, AND the non-active ones are listed the same. I can find no error and the error message does not SAY what the error is. Any ideas?
  7. I will TRY the above! I did not look at that possibility. If it WORKS, than BLESS YOU; if it doesn't then thank you for trying? P:) Go to Search / Groups / Girltown. Look at the top left AND then on the right, below my pic. This latter number is ACTUAL group members, about 4753. The number LL is using to decide if your group is "large" is the first one, on the top left, which is about 5734. THIS number includes actual group members, those who have deactivated accounts, and all other who, at some time in the past, WERE group members but no longer are. Using THIS number, a bloated and incorrect count, is the problem. And "YES" I did file a report with Premium Member tech support in addition to posting here. I'm posting here to 'spread the word' about was is happening, otherwise few would know. THANK YOU again for your caring and helpful reply !
  8. Thursday, June 11th, 2015 @ 8:29 AM, [GMT-0800], Day of year = 162 The way the new policy for those considered as "large groups" is unfair. It penalizes those who have worked years to build a nice group. The reason it is unfair is that it restricts the "getting a group member list" to the group owner ONLY.. Large groups usually have "staff," i.e., those who help with the daily chores and need access to the group member list. I can understand LL's desire to reduce server load by reducing access to group memberlists, but it should not penalize large group owners. Here are suggestions to HELP both SL members AND help LL. #1 Figure out a way to remove deactivated accounts, "ghosts," other dead people, and miscreants from a group list. At this moment LL detemines group size by NOT using the ACTUAL number of members, but by using actual members AND deactivated accounts AND all others. The end result is unfairness. In my group, Girltown, I'm shown as having about 5734 members, while the REAL number of members is about 4753. I am penalized becuz of the 5734 number, which is >5000, and THAT is really unfair, don't you think? #2 Here is a SIMPLE way to cut back on server load: Just ADD an "ability" to groups which allows only the group owner to specify 5 or 10 staff members who can access a memberlist? So simple! Have a "check box" so the group owner can specify who is staff. :) Easy peasy! It helps LL and it HELPS group owners. A "WIN-WIN" is always the best solution. I have worked HARD to build a good group over the past 7+ years as a premium member. Do not destroy all I've worked for by not being fair in return? The problem I'm having MAY BE caused by the following bug: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5586 This matter really NEEDS to be fixed. Many others, besides myself, will be hurt if the new policy is left "as is." :( Thank you, Linda Latte
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