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  1. oh many, so if web search says it Adult then presumably the description is Adult and possibly against the sim rating ?
  2. How can website search show land with different category than in world. In world it is M and in search it is A and is a small 512 mainland parcel
  3. I appreciate all the help that people are offering - please bear in mind this situation is very akin to being made redundant in a way, so going through the six stages: 1. stunned/shock 2. Denial 3. Anger 4 Bargaining 5 depression 6 Acceptance I think I am in the Anger/Bargaining phase
  4. Hadn't intended to shoot the messenger, apologies if you felt that, Just that piece of advice is really why I am where I am, I used my professional instincts and picked professional long serving popular outfits and came unstuck twice. I felt I had to point that out as you might think I had used a low end sim owner who was treating it as a hobby not a professional business with satisfactory history.
  5. Wildcat Furse wrote: check-out a reliable estate group that owns hundreds of sims ... look in 'search->classifieds->estate' ...*meows* And you don't think I rent from one of those, and have always done so and so far this "move for unprofitability" has happened three times with two different "reliable estate groups that own hundreds of sims" Holly Mistwood
  6. yes, I am in land group, yes I receive notices from it, yes I have ims sent to email and no nothing was sent as during the time ims were not capped. However the estate manager didn't use group to tell anyone no historical group notices to look back at - just note cards that weren't delivered to me but to my fellow tenants. The landlords in this case and the previous ones are large land owners in it for a profit and tell everyone so, hence my decision to rent from them in the past. I didn't expect Linden's to become involved, this was just one way of venting to get the thing off my chest, Pe
  7. After all they are taking real US$ from us all! I am fed up with excuses about having to close sims because they are unprofitable and not getting sufficient notice to move. It is all well and good to offer additional free weeks "as you have a business" but when the following happens: 27th May - discuss with estate manager that I am worried neighbours are moving and being told that the sim is well established and won't be closed. (sims having been closed on me in the past) 3rd June - Neighbour comes up to me and asks why I haven't started packing my store up as the sim is being closed
  8. Thankyou the Develop menu is what I needed
  9. I was sure wireframe worked yesterday? can it be switched off?  I am using a new laptop so not sure if a setting has been changed tia Holly
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