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  1. I want to edit one windlight template, in HTML, placing my windlight numbers, but looking at to any pre built Template, like [TOR] DUSK - Somber rose, for example, i see sets of arrays to define colors and other parameters... but this numbers in them, doesnt match with the numbers i see in the Windlight Editor, when i run it in World. RGB has 3 variables, or we could tell 6 if we count Hue, Sat and Lum... and this arrays show 4 variables for color!! What is that and How to get them? Sorry, i am not a programmer, or develop person... only want to share my windlights, and since the editor doesnt record them in my windlight/sky folder... i understand i have to do it manual... so, that is my doubt. Thanks for Help!
  2. I whish to pass my windlights to friends, so i thought to create a template... but i am not a develop person. I took a look in the templates and dont understand how to write them, main about the colours... they show strange numbers like Sun Color, Ambiente, etc... how to get this numbers?
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