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  1. prob creating shoutcast stream using winamp, mixer,studio micWant to create a Shoutcast Broadcast stream from a Karaoke Track played thru winamp and Mixed (Mixer) with live singing. The stream is being accessed by Second Life. Its not working as expected and would greatly appreciate feedback and/or help in resolving this. Equipment: - PC Running VISTA - Winamp 3.61. DSP Plugin 2.21 Pacemaker plugin and plugin stacker installed. - SBFXFI Extreem Audio Soundblaster soundcard..installed - Behringer XENYX 502 Mixer with studio mic and head phones. +++++++++++++ WITH Shoutcast source input selected as "Winamp recommened" the stream works fine broadcasting the music played from winamp. However there does not appear to be a way to add the singing voice live and in synch with the broadcast stream unless the mixer is utilized.. WIth SHOUCAST sounce input selected as "Soundcard input" no music is broadcast by shoutcast; however the voice is broadcast on the stream. No matter which mixer jacks I connect to whichever soundcard jacks still no music is broadcast by shoutcast. The karaoke track being played by winamp can be input into the mixer along with the singers voice. The output of the mixer, however never gets broadcast. What buttons do I push on the mixer? Which MIXER jacks connect to which jacks of the Soundblaster soundcard? Does "Soundcard input" mean the "line input jack" of the soundcard.. or just selecting the soundcard as the input device? I so apologize for rambling but Im very frustrated, im sure its just something stupid im not doing correctly and will be beholden to anyone and everyone who can help. thanks so much
  2. A few days ago, when loging in using viewer 2, the following message is displayed. "The following Media Plugin has failed ..Media_plugin_webkit. What has happened? .. If this is due to a bug in a recently distributed auto-update..please point me to a revious version of V2. It suggests I reinstall this plugin .l.l but I have no clue on how to do this. Thanks
  3. my connection is hard wired...not a wireless ..the speeds were not good but I contacted verizon and they optimized the link increasing the speed to 25+ in both directions ...When I log in I still get the same error ..how fast does it need to be to work properly ?
  4. the viewr logs me in .. but no voioce is available .. this is happening only with the v2 viewer, not the V1 viewer or phoenix update: I ran the speed test softwre from verizon and found the upload speed to be very slow (<6KKMB)...after optimizing the settings the speeds for exceed 25kmb for both upload and down load. I get the same error when logging in. Any other suggestions?
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