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  1. Two private full regions side by side , one is 30k grandfathered at $209 monthly, the other is 30k non grandfathered, $265 monthly. Buyer will need to rename upon purchase as they are linked to my store (HHVET Victoriana, and HHVET Victoriana Community) Looking for quick sale. GF sim paid through Feb 18th - hope to sell before then - Asking $500 plus transfer fee Non GF sim paid through March 5th - Asking $180 plus transfer fee Contact Snakelady Melody in world IM or notecard with offers - Looking for higher offers on the GF sim. Offers should include the transfer fee I will have regions cleaned off by Feb 18th
  2. I would like to purchase this I will contact you when I get home from work , Snakelady Melody in world
  3. Looking for reasonably priced 30k region to add onto my community. Please contact Snakelady Melody in world to discuss!
  4. I run a community in SL offering extremely low cost homes, stables, free stores etc and we would like to expand. I'd love a 30k grandfathered sim like my main sim but 30k either way is definitely preferred. It's a long shot but looking for someone looking to offload willing to sell for transfer fee or at a reasonable cost. We mostly keep our sim running through donations and folks who choose rental upgrades so I definitely don't have 650k+ to spend. Open to entertaining ideas, if nothing comes up I'll wait for LL to reopen land sales. Feel free to NC me!
  5. HHVET Victoriana is now offering free homes and shops to everyone! It only requires a small donation fee and L$4 a month just to assure SL activity. Shops and homes are all shapes and sizes on a Victorian styled sim, but all creators and residents are welcome. Prim allotments range from 25 to 150 depending on the building. Come by and check it out and tell all your friends. Find us herehttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alicorns%20Hold/29/240/47 We are a close community with a good amount of traffic and weekly events and hunts, and also participate in other grid hunts and events. Some photos of just a fraction of the shops and homes available can be found here Homes & Shops Upon visiting the sim you will be able to receive a notecard about the program wilth full details!
  6. HHVET Victoriana is a beautifully detailed Victorian residential community. Highlighting the era of the horse and buggy, these streets were made for driving! We are a beautiful town surrounded by a lovely mountain range. Here you will find a nice shopping area, as well as many community gathering points such as a tea room, public library with a rentable community space for functions, a chapel, an Inn and plenty of photo opportunities. We offer carriage tours , driving/riding lessons with real horse avatars and much more. There are often sim wide prize hunts and other events. We offer beautiful estates with large homes and lots for people and animal avatars - prim counts and prices are negotiable based on what you need. You get near full control over your parcel options. Roleplay and period wear are encouraged but not required - this community is open for anyone to enjoy. Please view some of the photos taken of our lovely community and visit us here HHVET Victoriana
  7. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boa%20Dream%20Beach/227/29/23 Hello friend, welcome to HHVET! We are a tight knit residential community that is PG and family friendly.. We are made up of two homestead sims - Haventown residential and HHVET's animal sanctuary. HHVET's animal sanctuary is a wooded area rich in nature and animals. Here you will find our stables and paddocks where horses and other equines, as well as other animals and people call home. There are tons of winding trails and things to discover. You will also find several small cottages spread throughout this land. Haventown residential community is our newest addition. It is a lovely RP friendly town geared towards families. It offers larger homes and shops for rent, as well as many interactive areas. Have a snack in the cafe or head over to the recreation center and play a game, or drop your child off at daycare or the park while you take a shopping trip. The art gallery holds photos from our latest photo contests, and the carriage house offers ride departures, as well as rp vet and farrier services. -Horseback riding & Carriage tour services using real horse or fantasy equine avatars are always available. We sometimes hold special events announced through our update group such as group rides, however you can contact Ivy Myst anytime to set up a ride- whether it be just for fun or a special event. We also love to work with groups. Riding lessons can also be arranged for those wanting to learn how to become the driver of the avatars. -We also provide pet adoption services and boards for those seeking to add a new family member to their lives, or a pet looking for it's forever home. Adoption panels and instructions are located in our barn. -We hold many events that the group and residents are welcome to participate in such as sim-wide prize hunts, contests and more. Please join our group to keep up to date with new events! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boa%20Dream%20Beach/227/29/23 -Main Barn - Currently 5 stalls are available in the main barn for any animal avatar. Price is L$25/wk and 10 prims plus a custom name plate. These are great if you are a full time or even part time animal and need a place to rest. - Private Paddocks - there are 2 private paddocks available, they include a spacious fenced yard and a run-in shelter, L$50/wk with 25 prims -Private Cottage - There is 1 private cottage available, hillside with fenced yard and two room cottage. L$100/wk with 50 prims. [ Available Rentals @ Haventown , HHVET's Residential RP community ] -Goffert Estate - Large family home with a spacious yard. L$600/wk with 300 prims -Barnwell - Family home with many rooms and private yard, L$300/wk with 150 prims -Grapevine - Small home with private yard, L$250/wk with 125 prims -Timecress - Large family home with private yard, L$500/wk with 250 prims -Nightscape - Very lovely small and roomy cottage with private yard L$250/wk with 125 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boa%20Dream%20Beach/227/29/23 [ Available Shops @ Haventown ] -Currently there are 4 kiosks available - L$10/wk with 5 prims -There are 3 small shops available - L$25/wk with 10 prims -There is 1 large shop available - L$50/wk with 20 prims http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boa%20Dream%20Beach/227/29/23
  8. Just wanted to post a few more photos taken from around the sim from various members of our roleplay community!
  9. Indeed! One of my favorite homes in all of SL. It is perfect for a spooky old boarding school!
  10. Apologies - the URL didn't save the first time around - it has now been fixed.
  11. Peacock Manor School Of Magic - Laid back fantasy roleplay sim in a haunted manor on hidden islands where strange and magical beasts roam. RP for all ages - what will you discover? Also home to HHVET horseback riding stable - weekly lessons & events . Currently seeking active RPers - students, teachers & other staff [grounds keeper, house keeper, school nurse] and creatures of all kinds - both realistic and mythical! Our Back story - [ Backstory ] In the middle of a large unidentified body of water there lies a mysterious valley of mountains that reach for the sky. To those who pass by during travel, it seems like an oddity of nature and nothing more. But for those who look closer, they will find that the mountains actually have much more to hide. Tucked neatly in the valley lay a series of islands, which house a wide variety of fantastic beasts and legends. On these islands you will also find Peacock Manor - the only known school of magic in existence. It is known that some are born special - some have abilities others do not, typically shunned and feared in our world. These individuals need special teaching . Here at Peacock Manor students learn a variety of skills to enhance their natural abilities, as well as the knowledge of what is truly hidden in the world around them. Peacock Manor is an eerie manor house with over 300 years of secrets to discover. Here strange beasts walk the land freely, the portraits on the walls seem to move and change and everything requires a second glance. Here the symbol of the Peacock seems to hold unspeakable power for those involved in the school. The ground hums with magic and even time itself seems slower here, ageless. Here students learn a variety of topics to help them with their own abilities, while being overseen by a strange headmistress who seems to hold the schools secrets close to her heart, perhaps literally. What will you discover, just past the gates of Peacock Manor? [ Who Can Join?] - Very simply put - this is a RP sim for everyone! We are especially seeking teachers, students, a grounds keeper, a house keeper, as well as animals of all kinds, especially mythical animals such as unicorns, dragons, and just about anything else. We hope to see you at the Manor! Find us here - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Boa%20Dream%20Beach/155/8/23
  12. Newly added Family homes! These are beautiful mesh cottages with 3 stories - a balcony and a decent prim allowance of around 150-200 per estate on our themed sim. These are perfect for someone looking for a little getaway on a rustic styled sim full of talking animals and friendly folks. Great for a small family as well! As always we also have many free homes and barns available too! If you want to live in a land that looks right out of a story book - this is the place for you!
  13. HHVET & Animal Sanctuary currently has several rental properties available for both people and animal avatars! And as always, we offer comletely free housing for both people and animals as well. We are a close knit, friendly, family oriented community who will always greet you with a smile. You will think you have landed in Narnia when you see our mix of talking animals living in harmony with people. Grab yourself a beautiful cottage, stable or a combination of both - or a stall in our large barn - or even an apartment! We can work with you to figure out what you need! On top of our fantastic homes and great community - we offer many fun activities such as sim wide hunts, riding lessons, pet adoptions, a movie theater, a large wooded area with a campground and cross country course, several arenas such as barrel racing, jumping and a race track. Our group gives many freebies to it's residents. Rent is L$1 per prim, with many rentals ranging anywhere from L$50 per week and up Free housing comes with 25 prims and access to all of the sim and our activities. If you want a home like no other in SL - be sure to drop by and take a tour, read the info NC and fall in love with our community! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sea%20Hurricane/239/242/25
  14. Do you love horses and other animals? Do you want to live in a quiet, friendly environment with a country feel, friendly neighbors and lots of fun to be had? Helping Hoof Virtual Equine Therapy & Animal Sanctuary is a family friendly equestrian themed RP sim with many available rentals for both two and four legged residents. We have private stables, as well as cottages, kennels for canines and barn lofts for critters - all at extremely low rates. There is even a potential for a horse, critter or human to have a free home if they decide to join our therapy program - more details can be found inworld. Our sim features peaceful wooded trails, Dressage, show jumping, barrel racing, a racetrack & buggy track, as well as many other fun games. We have sim wide hunts, games, shows, contests, riding lessons, trail rides and much much more. All of our residents are friendly, welcoming and helpful. Once you land here, you will know you are home! Visit us in world here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vermont%20Maple/242/163/25 Feel free to stop by and view our rentals, take a stroll, or have one of our friendly program horses or tour guides give you a full tour on horseback or carriage. *Please note it is perfectly fine to ride a breedable/prim horse while visiting if no horse avatars are available - however they are not allowed to be set out on the sim* We hope to see you here!
  15. HHVET, an equestrian themed sim, is proud to announce it's first sim wide hunt, featuring 37 unique prizes for humans and horse avatars. The End of Summer Leaf hunt will run from Sept 4th to Dec 4th 2012. Visit us in world for more details and a hunt hints NC! Come join the fun :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vermont%20Maple/244/167/25
  16. Thanks for the reply, that's what I ended up doing. It works out better that way!
  17. I have recently created a roleplay sim and currently have it set so that building is group only. However I also would like to keep open enrollment in my group without allowing everyone who joins the ability to rez on my land. I'd like to keep everybody in a single group and not create another group for land rights. If I turn off build rights for the group, but put those certain folks in my allowed residents section, would that allow them to rez or no? I've never had land like this before so I am totally new to how it works. Also if I were to have to change the group to one specifically for land rights, would it return everything or anything already in place on the sim? Thank you in advance :)
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