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  1. Using destination guide didnt work. I was able to log in perfectly fine on my alt, but not the one that was using mesh. I logged her into the same sim. I was just able to log in on SL Viewer 2, but I cant log her in on phoenix OR firestorm.
  2. My main avatar cant log in, but my alts can. I uploaded a mesh that I had created, rezzed it, decided it wasnt what I wanted then deleted it. It wouldnt delete. I tried repeatedly to delete the item off the floor but it wouldnt move. I was able to walk around etc, so I dont think SL was being unresponsive, but I clicked the X and logged out. Now when I try to log that avatar in it gets stuck on "logging in" then eventually "login fails" but I dont have any issues logging in any other avatars. the main avatars not in the game, it just keeps failing to log her in. Anyone ha
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