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  1. I was having this exact same problem as of earlier this week but only on a specific sim. Apprently from the response to my post there has been some sort of problem specifically on sims running Magnum that was supposed to be fixed last Wednesday. I haven't been to my problem area since then but I'm headed there today.. Hopefully the fix worked but here's the information from my post with the answer about the Magnum server problem. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/I-can-t-see-anyone-s-avatar-but-only-while-I-m-on-a-certain-sim/qaq-p/1856813
  2. Since last wednesday I've been having this problem when I'm on a specific sim Montego Beach Northeast where my chat and radar show several other avatars around me but I can't see the avatars at all.. not even their nametags. It happens whether I'm using Firestorm or the Linden viewer; I've updated the viewer, done a clean reinstall, rebooted my computer several times, restarted my router, changed my max avatar settings, bandwidth settings, and draw distance settings.. nothing has worked. This happens every time I'm on this sim... and only when I'm on this sim, I can see everywhere else i've been including an event with 70+ avatars. Several other residents have indicated the same problem while here but others on the same viewer aren't having the problem. Please any help you can give would be appreciated, I need to be able to see on this sim I work here as a hostess and I can't host at my best if i can't see the guests!!!
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