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  1. 4 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    roll your eyes, but you seem to get more of these things, one of your previous posts also was about a sortlike subject with childs ... where you hang out are perhaps not the places to be when you'r so sensitive or shocked by others.
    No i'm not defending abusers, but i never in my 13 years here had one single encounter of that type; reason?... because i don't go there.
    Comming to the answers is also quite useles, because you know what you have to do; report.

    Even with my previous post.  Yeah... This makes two post that has encounter something with child avatars.  The first one was someone just trying to grief me over made BS at a store, just because he is or was a stalker fan and jealous.  Then this happen.  And wonder why I just stay on my land, build studios and produce adult videos.  I wonder away from the land and I see way too much messed up things with people here. 

  2. 3 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    if it's so bothering, why on earth you go there. Contacting people who break TOS is never wise.
    If you encounter breaches of TOS in the wild while just going around, report it... nothing more.
    Stay away from places where you nearly for sure meet such situations.

    First of all, I just go to these places for a good giggle and laugh.  2nd... These people that use child avatars in SL for this is part of the bad rep that SL gets from the outside world.  People that own the AFK place need to be more responsible of these problems. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, Cindy Evanier said:

    Pretty sure there was a case on the forums a year or so ago where someone was banned because their AFK avi was "griefed" in this way by a child avi who took pictures and AR'd their throwaway account and the AFK avi.  It took a long process for her to prove her case to LL and get her account reinstated.  The post about it will better details than my recall will be around the forums somewhere if you wanted to dig for it.  

    But my whole thing is... When you see something like with a person with a child avatar doing a sexual act on an AFK avatar.  Should we report that child avatar? 

  4. I use to have no problem with the whole AFK sex places.  Now, I'm may be totally against it.  Bored, just started wondering around, went to an AFK place just adventuring around.  Then I see a child avatar having sex with an AFK avatar.  My stomach just turned over with discuss.  I don't know if I am right on this or not.  I IM'ed the child avatar and told him that this was against TOS and someone could or would report him for doing acts like this.  I got the "F Off" from him and then he TPed out.

    I don't know the whole ruling on this, but most of these AFK places are un-monitored by anyone.  Maybe it should be something LL may need to look into also with child avatar going to these places.  But the whole thing just made me sick to my stomach. 

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  5. My 16 years in SL, I have been really lucky with no real drama.  This one was a stalker fan from my video work.   But things have been really good and nothing from him or any other backlash.  I hope he may have learned his lesson.

  6. Update... I was sim bouncing and just checking out what action that may be going on.  Then this avatar that is brand new and 0 days old pops into my IMs and says.  "I love U and you are always a Goddess."  I chuckled for a moment... Seeing the age of the avi and said... You must know me from one of your other alts then.  And he told me all of his alts and sure enough... One of his alts was the one I reported and he got banned on that account for "Slander"  

    I didn't say another word, just left and blocked him.  

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  7. I was shopping with a male friend of mine at an adult furniture store and when I got an IM from another resident.  He was telling me that he have seen him having "relations" with a child avatar and he as reported him for it.  And he was going to report him again and tag me with the report as we were trying out the adult furniture.  And yes, we were clothed when trying out the furniture also.  In which I told him, I never seen him do a thing like that, so I could say if my friend did this act or not with a child avatar.  But he goes on to say that I need to stop the sex animation of the furniture with him or he was going to report me for child avatar abuse also.  He kept threading me more about it as we went through the animations of the adult furniture we were on and having my account deactivated.  I finally stopped, walked over to the guy that was sending the threats to about it and file my own abuse report.

    I have no clue if my friend did that or not.  But if there an abuse report filed once on him for doing that, and then later that same person sees him again and me being with him.  Could LL deactivate me for what he may have allegedly done and me being seen with him?  And there was no child avatar with or around us either while we were there. 



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