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  1. I am falsily accused of being banned in sl please don't bann me for ageplay in the group as I didn't.
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    Hello Linden Lab's Daniel Gymnast here I want to ask you all a question that seems to be making me mad. Why is it that my voice is not working for me? I go to preferences it is OK there but it said please wait and that is what I do but it won't show me my voice bar's nothing at all period. But when I re log it isn't working as the microphone toolbar button is gray instead of being highlighted jus like the other usual toolbar button's are as I can see at the moment. So can you all see bout fixing this litle issue of mine as I really want to start using voice instead of the text/chat or whatever it is you all like to call it for that matter because to me I love Second Life and especially you all the Linden Labs also.
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