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  1. I want to thank you guys for the thoughtful/concerning responses. I agree with all of your statements, ESPECIALLY about faking certifications through photoshop. You can pretty much fake anything with photoshop these days. I was looking for a professional to "interview" for a senior project, I'm finishing up my BS in Psychology this year. I just wanted to get into specifics privately. Once again, thanks for the concern!
  2. As the title states, I'm looking for a real life certified psychologist or counselor. If you are, post a response or send a message to me in-world. More information will be given in private correspondence. Thanks!
  3. Hey there, I would suggest you go to welcome areas or sandboxes to meet some interesting folks and perhaps learn a little about building and scripting. When I started SL I would up in Cordova and basically just went from sandbox to sandbox ever since. I met 3 of the best people in the world in sandboxes. You could also. Now, you do have to watch out for griefers at times but usually that doesn't last if you don't feed into the BS they bring. I believe that's why they made the block and mute button! Other then that, I think you'll really like them. By the way, I see you're into photography and that's awesome. You should message me in world sometime and we can hang out. I love both SL & RL photography and I'm a graphic artist. We could definitely learn from each other.
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