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  1. HOLY Confusing!!!! :: )) There's got to be an easier way! Dear Mr. Linden, call Google
  2. The complete answer to my issue (after an hour with SL tech help) Use the deed option! Don't use the Contribution to Group option. Tech Reply: What you need to do is: 'donate' it to the group, you need to go inworld, to the land, click on about land. set the land to group and then deed to group. if you do it in donations (tier) it will keep doing the same thing as before
  3. yes i know it's possible cuz i did it. The problem is it added another 512m worth of land to my acct and began charging me $5 per month. I don't want 1024m of land I only want to give my 512m to group without any added charge! No this is not Linden Home Land. I got it when they were giving away First Land to all premiums about 4 years ago.
  4. Ok one more time... I have 512m of free land which I am not getting charged for. I would like to donate that 512m to a group "without" SL charging me for an extra 512. I tried it recently but SL said I now have 1024m of land and began charging me $5. I don't want 1024m I only want to donate my 512k to a group?? Anyone Know if I can do this and "how"?
  5. Thanks for trying but that doesn't answer my question. I wish to donate my no charge 512m land to group without occuring any extra charge. Is this possible? When i previously donated the land to a group it just added another 512 to my account and began charging me $5 per month saying I now have a total of 1024m . arrrggggg!
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    Land Use Fees

    Is it possible to donate your 512m First Land which has no monthly fee to a group "without" occurring any charge. When I donated my land to a group it started charging me for another 512m at $5 month. Can't I just donate my maintenance free land to a group without a monthly fee added on?
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