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  1. how do I set the thing up to see bouncing boobs, I set it up manually but don't seem to work?
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    I agree they're are always paypal, and my payment went thru paypal...lol, reguardless I just don't understand what stolen lindens are or how they are obtained from someone to resell, sounds like SL need to go after them, not someone just trying to gain lindens a legal way.
  3. Chud Static

    my account

    I would have used SL but they won't except gift cards for payment, I did this same thing a few months ago using a visa gift card, and even registered SL don't want to except them.
  4. Chud Static

    my account

    Yes, I contacted them, and sent them all the info I can, the site I paid for the L's and receipt number from paypal and what other info I can give from the purchase. I don't understand how I am responsible for them selling false lindens. I just searched buy lindens on-line and went there and bought them.
  5. Chud Static

    my account

    I used a discover gift card and through paypal I purchased L's, now my account has been put on hold. I purchased them from a web site name gameim.com. after paypal paid them they paid me my Lindens and a day later my accounr was froze. Can anyone explain why they do this? I had to go thru a web site because SL.com won't except a gift card for buying lindens.
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