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  1. I dont know if this issue has been answered or not, I did not read all the responses so I figured my 2 cents couldnt hurt. When you have a mesh hair where your skin shows thru your applier and the hair is modifiable, simply change the texture to one without an alpha layer. However if youre looking for hair that you dont have to midify, Catwa now includes hair for Lolas in their packages. I have several. One hair that is MOD is Dela for Lolas. Works great. I also have a texture organizer with hair textures you can use. Just look for me in world and I can send you one Morwen Ansia
  2. My LOD is on 40 and it still happens. Good jewelry too not freebie or dollarbie stuff. Chop Zuey and Zuri's when you right click it shows up but then if you TP some where else it happens all over again. I only noticed this happening when I started using Firestorm 2.5 and now Im using 3.0 Mesh and it still happens
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