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  1. Totally agree with you Cinnamon... a bit late though. The problem here is that some people msitake / mix their second lifes with their real ones. They should stop sl a bit and get a real life, go out in real life and have fun. Some said that guy was raising awaness about the progeny vampire system. How on earht could an intelligent man raise awarness on virtual vampires in a virtual word? How immature! There are many things to raise awarness in real world about, like rape! That man needs to grow up.
  2. Looks nice... Just a question though. I do love rp but I hate urban pseudo rp's that are more about sex that actual RP. Does that seem, Angeles Vista, include sex rp coz in that case it's not for me. Thanks
  3. If your sl relation relation brings to to neglect your rl partner emmotionaly, not communicating with them or passing time with them, then this is plain cheating.
  4. What the garlic necklace does (you just have to wear it once) is send a message to bloodlines vampires when they scan you with their huds. It just says that you "don't want to be disturbed". Now is another vampire rp game in sl that does not spam people. I forgot the name. Looks better to me
  5. So let me annoy you a little bit more. Firestorm was so buggy, almost unable to deal with voice, crashing as soon as I pluged my headphones and because of that I moved to LL viewer... and gues what ? No more voices issues, no more bake issues, no more crash in TP errors. These are not little, unimportant bugs. If with the same computer, a viewer has more issues than the other, it because that viewer is buggy. While Firestorm interface is clearly supperior to LL Viewer that's not enough as stability is key. I was expecting a finished product & the last update was not. I do hope they fix
  6. "but there comes a time when stability has to be consitant" Exactly ! Right now I'm fed up with Firestorm bake fails and problems using voice, music not playing and like. I don't have these issues with LL viewer 3 so it must be bugs / errors in Firestorm. I'm also tired of the "blame the user" attitude of Firestorm. They released a buggy viewer, it's as simple as that.
  7. This is a very common problem with firestorm or phoenix. Always had this. LL viewer is better than firestorm or phoenix for music & videos, so each time I know I go to a club, I log with LL viewer cause I don't want to loose time anymore.
  8. @ Gadget Portal Same story here. I moved to the last LL viewer today and the speed difference is really big. I was in an empty sim, firestorm lagging like a slug so I used google and found your post. I think the problem of firestorm is arrogance and that the people making it are full of themselves, thinking they are the best. They were but they are not anymore... LL has overtaken the sleeping firestorm developers. By looking at the history of phoenix, back to emerald, the quality is not constant. Emerald they have used to make a DOS attack. That issue with emerald could have decided LL to
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