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  1. So i was updating my listings and I had alot of out of stock listings. So I deleted them.....and then came all the "ok" notifications and sl crashed. Now i cant get back on...... anyone else every experience this?
  2. if you have a story, try and get a base of players to rp in a soft opening. This will help with continuous of the story telling on sim as well as build traffic. The sim can be as pretty as a pea but if its always empty or its bots in homes they wont stay
  3. I'm an avid roleplayer. I have a child avie and would be interested in roleplaying again as a kid. Message me in world
  4. I've opened a new baby-girl retreat beach sim but, it isn't only for baby-girls. It's for anyone who likes to chill and relax and make friends. I'm looking for someone who likes to throw parties and host them as well as a DJ for of-course the music. Little Unicorns, is a homestead, beach scene. It has a game island and many areas for entertainment. Let me know if you're interested and we can work out a salary or per-job-pay. Reply here or Message me in-world Rainje Lane, if I'm offline you can IM me or send a notecard. Also feel free to go to the land and
  5. Hey! Garau Demon you say? where exactly are you rping?
  6. Hey Im totally interest. Hit me up in game : Rainje Lane
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