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  1. well i do know all about the wireless connection probleam with sl lucky it has a lan cable so am able switch over so i can upload my mesh that way with out the hassle i have a mk17 model... thats pretty broken ati radion installments wont work and fault motherboard powerplug joint i could get this fixed but this person wont do it becuse its to risky fixing it might just end up frying the motherboard instade of rescuseing it so basically i keep it as spare parts.... or maybe a server
  2. might be better to test second life on this alienware mk11 before i buy it
  3. well if your computer can handle it am guessing this one can hopeing those tools like blender will work
  4. intel core 2 Duo 8 giga bytes of ram Gefore GT 335M with 1G would this work with the med settings on sl and will the mesh still able to work. .... sorry i dont know where to post this becuse sl forums is just one big mess.
  5. I installed blender 2.60 and it dosnt seem to work i try to use a simplebot.blender file and inport one of my obj file to it and then use deform amature then with automatic wights but it dosnt seem to work when i load it into sl leaves it all deformed. I was allso sure i got it working on blender 2.59 but dont remeber how exactly :S or might of been 2.58 not sure
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