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  1. hehe :-) No hidden text or fee here. The offer is as it stands above :-) I just want to fill my land with items I like. And if I can help one of you designers to get your clothes exposed to the SL, it would be great. So, this is probably the best offer you'll ever get in here :-) So hurry up, send me a note inworld Hugs, Lene
  2. Hi I want to give away one of my stores at AlleyCats to a designer of clothes. There is no cost in this for you, and is probably the best offer you'll ever get. :) The shopis designed for a clothing-store. Weather you are a new designer or an experienced one, doesn't matter. Just contact me in-world. If I like what you make, it is yours. I have only this one shop aviable, so this is your chance. Waiting to hear from you. Regards, Lene Noriega
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