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  1. Hi ......I have taught new people entering SL for 5 yrs Im a mentor on several sights and seem to be well liked, I`m looking for a job in this line of work, i also do complete makeovers providing anything for free, i have a vast array of shapes and skins. If you looking for the likes of me then please get intouch. Here or in world. Hazel Romano.
  2. OK Guys thank you alll for your help the Zebrasil Info hub just popped back into existance hehehhee byeeeeeeeeeee
  3. Thanx Marigold I`ll look into the link xxx
  4. Yes Im assuming its just a server fault but dont know how to bring it to LL attention
  5. Hi Guy`s ...............Can anybody tell me if there`s a problem with this infomation hub? we`re regulars there and its been off grid for 2 days now and to be honest ppl are missing it smile. Thanx.
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