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  1. Majestic Wise


    How can I get my Island back, I had 2 heart attack and had to let it go or can I order a new island
  2. Majestic Wise

    new homes

    when will more new homes come.we were promised ,I have been a member for January 18, 2007my land tab never shows any new homes
  3. i would like to know the price your asking willing to pay 450.00 sim then i would pay more ,in world name Majestic Wise
  4. one of my islands has no estate name How do i get one
  5. Natures Beauty- Parcels for rent 2 parcels/corner lot are available 10,800 parcel with 5,000 prim Monthly rent 12K per month can see at: ? ? contact Majestic Wise
  6. did you sell it and what are you asking for it
  7. I owned a island with a $195.00 tier when you had a specail ...The island still shows in my owned land it Free Sprit
  8. I would like to know if I can bring Beauties Nature back up,That wasnt the sim it was +and still shows in owned landI was asking about Free Sprit
  9. these horses were on 2 my my private sims ,and were blocked off from the public, they had to take them back though their server ,
  10. I would like to know what LL can do about AMARETTO stole over 400000 In horses from private land and what can be done
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