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  1. loginto your dashboard, www.secondlife.com go to your account, > Partner and follow , its costs 25 L$ if i remeber correct.
  2. hello you did not mentioned what processor you have, anyway, try to update your graphic card driver, it may help.
  3. Hi, Not a Mac user, but if your sound works in another applicaiton then it should work in SL too. try to check in Preference setting press Ctrl+P on your viewer go to the tab Sound and Media. check if the settings are the way it should.
  4. hi, there should not be any issue other than you are entering wrong password. as you have mentioned that you can login using another viewer that means your account is not compromised, so you are ok, are you able to log in to your dashboard ? www.secondlife.com assuming that you are having numbers too in your password, some times it happens that you punch in the number using your num pad, and your num lock is not on, in that case the number was not enterred, make sure this is not the case. try entering full name tbby3 Resident and password lets know if your problem solved.
  5. Merry Christmas and a happy new Year to all, Hi, i am Shams , i joined the Ditko University because i love to learn 3d graphics I did not know about the University, some of my friend recommended me, I spent most of my time to setup the environment like downloading teamviwer , reference photo etc in my first class session, after my second Class i got a message from Heven Ditko " Please dont come back " me and my friend thought its a mistake, i also asked her, if i had violated any rule but i left un - answered, my friend encouraged me to join the class, maybe that message was for some one else and if it was for me i may had been banned, and so i did join the class after couple of day, but now i am banned, my question to you guys is it fair ? , you punish some one without saying what there mistake is , you ban some one for no reason, i asked her if i violated any rule of the class, i do apologize, but i should know why i am being treated like that, . but seems she dont even bother to let me know of the mistake i did, and was banned. I just wanted to put this incident here for you, that you never know, someday she don't like the way you sit or walk or your ava and ban you so just be careful and happy classes , she might have done it before too. I will try other sources to find out why i was ban for the class in that University, if it is a University. i know i will be kicked out from the group too after this message. I only want to know what was my mistake and what is the reason of my ban, is it possible in SL to ban some one without any reason ? of course they can if its private place, but if its registered to Linden as University (I don't know if it is) if not then can any one use the name University for their private place ? where do i complain things like this, i only want to know my mistake at least so that i will be more careful from next time, was this ban because the person was from a particular region ? Race and color or believe ? if not then what was it. Do I have the right to know Thanks. My suggestion to Linden management , if some one name their place as public place like garden, mall, school or University the rule should be different than a private place. They should not allowed to let people come there places and face the insult or humiliation by them , there should be some liabilities to it, and they should have the right reason to do so, and they should provide the prove upon the request from the management that what they did was right
  6. Hi, I am having the same issue, I followed up the instruction provided here but no use. The Issue details are as under. I use to purchase Linden from the same PayPal account till 26th Aug 2011 , after that whenever i try to purchase i get the first screen to enter the amount then it goes to next screen where it asks for password then third screen https://cashier.secondlife.com/d04e7745-d1e2-2868-70f1-9cd1e765b079 where it shows paypal account, purchased amount and asks to press buy now button. This is where it takes few seconds and returns with this error. There was a problem charging your payment method. Invoice DescriptionAmount LindeX Currency Buy - order_id=31692927$ 10.38 Total now due$ 10.38 Payment Pay this$ 10.38 Using thisPaypal acct. username@hotmail.com We'll use this payment method for future payments, too. more info » More payment options … I am using Fire fox browser and Chrom, I did try to buy in world and thorough my dashboard I did try to remove paypal account all together and re-enter the information. I did try to remove paypal account and put Visa card information too. I did try to Buy Linden using my Alt by entering the same account info from starting. All gives the same message. Additional Info. When i try to buy lindens from in world, it says "Unable to buy, you do not have payment method setup......" btw when I try to buy lindens or go to billing info some thing written there confuses me its " Paypal acct. abc_example@hotmail.com " which is contact info of my paypal the paypal account is with different id like " xyz_example@hotmail.com " is it normal ? when i delete the account info and try to add again, it takes me to paypal page where already xyz_example@hotmail.com is filled in the id field then only i have to enter the password, once get in just agree on the temrs , when redirected back to Linden i see " Paypal acct. abc_example@hotmail.com " with is contact info for paypal. I also tried my contact infor to be the same ID as paypal, where it shows on billing infor page exactly " xyz_example@hotmail.com " just to check if it works, but NO, it returns the same error message. Thank you in advance for any assistance
  7. I had the same issue, i entered my right passport number, but could not verified i dont know if its restricted to one ava, coz i had no problem for my first ava, so i used my paypal account to verify the age for my second ava. You may try that.
  8. Hi, if you are age verified then all you have to go to prefrences there you will find the option to change the maturity. If you are not then go to your dash board and verify your age.
  9. Hello, Sonja. Its creative, cute and beside all its a creation of a beautiful creator. Keep it up.
  10. I dont think you should have problem deeding Main land to group, You can write the issue to support@lindenlab.com for assistance. 
  11. hello everyone !!! Special Thanks to Gaia Clary for beautiful tutorial. I am very new to Blender, following your tutorial, it shows in tutorial that a sculpted Prim always contains exactly 1024 vertice , but when i do it only creates 64 vertice sphere is there any setting i have to change ?. I am using Win7 32 bit with ATI Graphic card, and blender 2.49b. Thank you
  12. I have my account verified and i can access most of adult stuff in SL, but i can not verify my age because it gives me error, when i try to manually verify it following the instruction, like " choose the first drop down list, and selcet account issue then second dropdown list and choose manual age verify " there is no Manual age verify LOL, any help ? Thank you.
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