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  1. I have been here on multiple accounts for nearly 8 years and I have never in my time here have a rolling restart for a single region be down for damn near 3 hours. I am trying to run a business and this is costing me money.... I have checked the grid status and there has been no update since 7am this morning. I tried filing a ticket but for some reason the region offline option is not available... does anyone have a clue WTFH is going on?
  2. Is anyone experiencing issues where avatars keep going blurry then clearing up repeatidly??? This has been happening to me ever since the unscheduled maintenance like 3 days ago... nothing seems to fix the problem... I have cleared cache many times... restarted... nothing helps...
  3. DeeJay Sharktooth


    How do you raise or lower LOD properties in the Official SL Viwer 3.6?
  4. And how exactly do you pull the chatbar from the console? I am not seeing how to do this....
  5. Is there a certain place that I need to go to express extreme frustration with the lack of a feature in viewer 3.5 that was in other SL Official viewer releases that is really bugging me? Issue = Why in the blue hell is there no more chat bar in this viewer? Did the developers just say hmmmm.... lets irk the living hell out of people and make it where this big a$$ chat box has to be on the scren constantly in order for conversations to be followed when in a crowded area???? Devs if you are monitoring this PLEASE for the love of God allow the use of the chatbar and local chat to be followed on screen like it was before without the need of having this communication box to be open in the next release of the Official viewer client!!!!!!!!!
  6. I cannot stand this bulky chat box on viewer 3.4. Is there a way to enable the chat bar on the left hand side of the tool bar buttons like on the old viewers? pls help. Also, how in the hell do you enable the Restrained Love features on this new viewer?
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