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  1. Blender intimidates me with it's lack of a GUI and need for knowing a lot of keyboard commands, or having a reference sheet printed out. It's cumbersome.
  2. I think the main thing is that it doesn't UV map. I was using it to make a low prim house, cutting out the windows, interior doorframes and the like, each wall was just one mesh, and the texture changes between rooms were done onto that mesh. I suppose I could use this tool, swing it through blender or Zbrush to add a UV map, then swing it back for texturing. It will export in mesh format, but it will also export as OBJ.
  3. http://youtu.be/zWf0BePOvMo From what I can see, this may be yet another way to make .dae and obj files for use with SL. I decided to try, and while the resultant meshes will upload, none of the texture data seems to save correctly. Has anyone else tried this? What options do I need to upload with in order to have my textures fit on the meshes in SL the same as they do in photoshop? Thank you.
  4. Simply put, Nvidia is better because of the drivers and the function library. TL:DR version ==== Nvidia gives you all the functions and driver responsiveness you need because it does not withhold code/libraries from you in order to sell you a business class card. ATI-AMD has a business class line of openGL cards, these cards exist because most game making/modeling/animation/movie software is based in openGL. To be able to demonstrate superior performance to a corporate buyer, they have to show how much better these "FIREGL" cards are, compared to stock cards. ATI-AMD make this gap in performance artificially larger by skunking how their normal cards handle openGL by removing function libraries. Function libraries are like knowing the answer to a long division problem without having to work it out in pen and paper, knowing them off hand makes you faster, not knowing makes you slower. As a result, with a game or 3D design program, ATI-AMD cards can take almost twice to three times longer for an AMD-ATI card to figure out, almost entirely swallowing up the speed/ performance the higher clock speeds should provide. Nvidia uses a huge built in functions library, and they don't short change their openGL so they can sell pro-class cards, this is why Nvidia is better.
  5. I've got to agree that this needs attending to, it seems like the code was designed with future hardware in mind and no respect to current. AAA shooters don't get the awards they do, or look as good as they do, by saying that the hardware of tomorrow will make up for the sloppy coding of today. I'm running 4 gigs of ram, a quad core 2.88, a AMD HD 6850, and a X-fi titanium. This is more than generous for second life, yet it still has stuttering and choking moments from memory issues. That is SILLY. This happens when people like Qarl get left go.
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