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  1. It IS updated too often. When people don't update their hardware it doesn't mean they're cheap or old fashioned. It means they can't afford new hardware. I'm sure if they could have a new system they'd be quite happy. This does not apply to myself to however, I have a mac book pro, which meets the requirements of SL just fine. What you say takes five minutes takes more like 10 minutes for me. There is no fast internet in my area, and it updates like this every third time i log in. It's annoying to have to wait like that when i can't even see a difference. If the user doesn't experience improvement the update is (usually) unnecessary. It takes more space on my computer. It uses up my time. I don't see a difference. It's no your place to hide behind your computer and insult people when you don't even know their situation. That is a cowards act. I would say this to you in person would you say your comment in person? Always consider that before you post.
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