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  1. Hipster Men's Event October round is waiting for you... come to visit us and our 45 designers with their exclusives for this event and their exclusive halloween gifts... Teleport to Hipster Men's District: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleasures Paradise/140/74/30
  2. I'm using cinema 4d... Material that I used have only 2 channels one for colour and one for reflection, into this for reflection I've used also fresnel and into render is all ok, I see the metal with all brightness and reflection and I see them also when I bake the texture and select the reflection channel... but is only with bake object that I've a black texture, is this the problem.
  3. Hello all :) Are many days that I've problems with bake in c4d. I've objects in metal and when I try to bake them I've textures totally black. Render settings is in hdr, rendering is perfect, when I try to bake the texture I can see the reflection but with bake object doesn't works.
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