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  1. I want to learn how to make things to earn L$.I have ideas in my head but, to share with someone would mean they could claim them as there own.Can anyone teach me how to get started???
  2. I can log in but I'm haven' trouble moving from sim to sim.Also can't see names in my friends list
  3. I play on bloodlines and have spent some money to get the things I wanted and needed but,the person the was renting the land I once called home stopped paying for the land and I lost my blood tanks had one 5l,one 10l and one 100l tanks the 5 was mostly full and the 10 was full now I can not find them In my inventory to use them and it makes playing the game not as fun as it was because I like playing as a vampire and having menion to take care of.I would like to try and get back what I have paid for and worked so hard to mantain.Thank you for any help.
  4. I am missing my blood tanks that I had set up but,the friend that owned the land let the land go and I'm missing a lot of stuff need to know how to get the things I paid for back. I'm missing one 5 liter blood tank two 10 liter tanks and one 100 liter tank. Not sure what else is missing but I know my tanks are missing. I've looked all through my inventory and can not find them anywhere.
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