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  1. Yes...i have. I had my account with Sl for over a year and LL deleted my account back in July. Why I have no idea all I know is an ex "friend" of mine account was tapped into and a bunch of stuff got deleted she accused me of doing it (because I had her password previous to that) so because she said I did it they deleted my account and banned me from SL permentaly, and I found all of this out from a mutual friend we had. I have sent several emails asking why and even called and no one has or will tell me anything. I even made an alt tried to add lindens and they deleted that account also and took my money, I never got the money back and have sent serveral emails about that also. So I know how you feel. We get on here and put our money on here and then we get treated like this. Talk about poor customer service. I have lost everything I had..land, clothes, avi all of it and I had alot of stuff.
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