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  1. I thought so to Ciaran very odd i could just leave it off MP and have it out in the store but for the investigative journalist in me i ll try adding it again tomorrow and see what happens lol

  2. i am answering myself lol maybe its i didnt list it as moderite and left that blank ouch now that could be a geniune mistake and one i could easily have done. Does it read like that to anyone else

  3. Just wondered could you give me any advice on this issue i have well had a table and chairs listed with M F sits 3 each all PG all they do is sit lol but i got this off marketplace
    The following flagging activity has occurred on TABLE BISTRO Flower, seen here http://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TABLE-BISTRO-Flower/4637282:
    The item has been unlisted due to Listing Not Flagged As Moderate

    i am wondering how do i contact them i have never had a problem before and this is just plain  crazy it could be listed in a monastry.Another question as i am cluless if it is flagged does that mean someone complained?

    If you have time i would love your in put.

    Thanks Dee

  4. Hello i am wondering which readings to go by i had 390 prim available yesterday logged off came back to 39 so i left it over night then started searching and thanks to this thread i learned about area search on that i have 413 listed 350 pending total = 897 that seems about right to me yet in land search it is showing up as 1778 out of 1879 any ideas i am at a loss which one is correct although i am sure i haven't used 1778 prim as my house isn't even furnished yet any suggestions would be appreciated.

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