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  1. I thought so to Ciaran very odd i could just leave it off MP and have it out in the store but for the investigative journalist in me i ll try adding it again tomorrow and see what happens lol
  2. i am answering myself lol maybe its i didnt list it as moderite and left that blank ouch now that could be a geniune mistake and one i could easily have done. Does it read like that to anyone else
  3. Just wondered could you give me any advice on this issue i have well had a table and chairs listed with M F sits 3 each all PG all they do is sit lol but i got this off marketplace The following flagging activity has occurred on TABLE BISTRO Flower, seen here http://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/TABLE-BISTRO-Flower/4637282: The item has been unlisted due to Listing Not Flagged As Moderate i am wondering how do i contact them i have never had a problem before and this is just plain crazy it could be listed in a monastry.Another question as i am cluless if it is flagged does that mean someone complained? If you have time i would love your in put. Thanks Dee
  4. Hello i am wondering which readings to go by i had 390 prim available yesterday logged off came back to 39 so i left it over night then started searching and thanks to this thread i learned about area search on that i have 413 listed 350 pending total = 897 that seems about right to me yet in land search it is showing up as 1778 out of 1879 any ideas i am at a loss which one is correct although i am sure i haven't used 1778 prim as my house isn't even furnished yet any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. Hi same problem here was able to log main account in on SL veiwer but not Firestorm but now neither altho my alt is getting on fine,
  6. and what i didnt say was a month ago i sent this set to a freind and worked fine
  7. i have 2 identical chairs i made with 2 sits in them set to next owner copy/mod well one is fine i can transfer it but the other the perms look perfect when i rez in world but put back intio inventory i cant transfer to anyone dumfounded any ideas
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