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  1. I thank all who answered my question and helped me to learn a little more about my complex and fascinating second life.
  2. Thank you, Sarendipity... I hope that landlord is as cool as you.
  3. Tks a lot, Mags your answer really taught me a little more about SL.
  4. Thank you, Darren. Your answer helped me become more aware.
  5. Hi there, I want to know just this... My friend rented a land next mine about 6 hours ago, but she cant fix home there and work in the place (put house, to make the garden, etz) because the sim owners dont come... Of course she sended IM for the sim owners as soon she paid the rental box, and she is waiting in the land till now. So, how many time they have to come and fix her land? Tks
  6. I want to thank everyone who answered my question. All answers were very helpful and I learned to be careful and seek information before renting a land again.
  7. yes... I think you are totaly right Marcush... mainly because few hours after I send my question for this blog the owner of the state where the rented my land appeared (finally!) and solved my problem with scripts. But I'll follow the orientations received here and I'll be more careful. Tks a lot
  8. And I also hope to have done everything right this time.
  9. I hope you can help me this time.
  10. Hi there... now that I know you are not an EXPERT TEAM, but just others SL residents trying to help people like me, I think will be more nice to talk and clarify my doubts... if you have patience with my bad english, of course. Now my problem is that I rented a land and paid the tier for ONE WEEK. Then, I fixed my house and favorite fornitures in my new home. All things was going really good and all my scripted objects - like an honeydewbaby that cust L$ 6000 - was working very well. Then, after to be sure that all was good at my new land, I just went to my rental box and paid for more FOUR WEEKS. Now I have two problems: 1. When I rented the land and paid ONE WEEK of tier, the Covenant of the land just said "THERE IS NO COVENANT" and all my scripted objects was working. 2. As soon I paid more FOUR WEEKS of tier, the Covenant of my land just changed, and now appears a text saying that scripts are not allowed at that homestate. It means that all my scripted objects, that was working so well few hours before I paid for more FOUR WEEKS at this land, just stoped to work. My questions for you is: 1. Is my sim owner acting right when he change the Covenant after I paid a month of tier? 2. Is correct dont allow to run scripts in a rented land? 3. The land owner (me... :)) dont have any right about to run scripts in his own land? Tks guys
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