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  1.      I'm Lillith Ormega on the Teen Grid. I have been a shop owner for almost a year now and I'm glad to see this as a chance for a new start. Main grid will have its ups and downs due to the teen grid.

         Teen grid is a fail because of all the trolls, immature people and copybotting on it. I'm glad to say goodbye to the 13-15 year olds and start anew in a new complete grid. Teen grid just lost its purpose as the economy effected the teens in their linden dollars and shops broke down due to copybotting.

         It's sad to see such as a home fall apart. I hope most of you welcome us with open arms. Not all of the teens are immature and useless. There are quite a few that actually want to get somewhere on SL instead of trolling or copybotting. Some of these teens can actually build, script and make clothing just as well as you all on main grid. I've seen a lot of your guys's work due to this copybotting, which amps me up to see the real things on MG and buy them for myself.

         Sometimes I see snapshots of people on the main grid with worse avatars from what I've seen on TG. The merge will possibly be a great change for the main grid. However, I've only known few on teen grid to actually have linden dollars. Our worlds are completely different with money and jobs. I myself harly even have 10K of linden dollars. Most other members on teen grid haven't any at all.

         I'm excited to make aquaintances with you all in the future. I will see all of you in main grid soon!


    Lillith Ormega

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