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  1. My drivers are all up to date,i just checked them a week ago. My anti virus runs itself everyday. Why should i run the anti-virus on safe mode instead of in regaler mode,does that make a difference? yes my system meets the minimum requirements,sl use to work on this computer. Its withen he last 2 years this has been happening.
  2. It has been over a year,and i still can't get on sl without it shutting down my computer when sl crashes. I did a complete un-install,and reinstall the same thing happens.
  3. ok my fans are just fine,and working great. they are clean i reinstalled SL,and the same thing still happens. I had our computer guy look at the problom,and he says the problom is on the progrom. There are others out there with the same problom i was also told its not just me. Can someone please look into that,and see if you can find that bug,or problom in the progrom. I did a complete unstall,even erased hidden sl things this morning,and wham it still shut down my computer. Sorry if im causeing any trouble with this. Please if any lidens see this will you check things out thank you.
  4. My computer works great,and fine with any other games/programs if they crash only the game does. Its only SL that shuts down the computer,i have run my anti- virus,malware scan all of my scans,Right now SL isn't installed on my computer due to the trouble i have had with it,once we find the problome out i'll reinstall sl. My computer was built for me about 3 years ago,i have not updated the graphics card. I am useing Radeon X1650 it was the best one out there,in fact it wasn't even on the market when my computer was built for me. Thank you all for your help. Its even funnier SL only does that
  5. I have the highest graphics card,and the best one ever. I use to be able to get on SL,but now i can't anymore. I don't even have to log in now anymore for SL to shut down my computer. What happens is sl crahes,but instead of it just crashing it shuts down my whole computer turning it off completly,and i heard this happens to others,,when will this bug be fixed? is there some sort of Spyware in the SL game now,im not saying SL is spyware,just asking if theres spyware in the acctual game from someone else? what else can i do to fix the problom? please help me out cause i really miss being in wor
  6. thats good,but i doubt i can get in,SL keeps shuting down my computer when the game crashes,was that part fixed? I know other people had the same problom before.
  7. I miss second life. I use to play it all the time,i don't know cause it shts my computer down. the Game will crash,and all of a sudden my computer shuts down,i tried to uninstall the game completly before,and do a complete reinstall,the same thing happend. I just look up on the net about secondlife being spyware. There was a bunch of sites that said it was,and had a removel for the soyware,a couple sites said the video in it like quicktime was the spyware,not the game.i use one of the best anti-virus progrom,and it doesn't see SL as spyware,or a virusi know its not my video card,i have the h
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