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  1. 4608 sqm, 1054 prims. For Sale! $55,500 ($12L per SM) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kildinas%20Tor/103/195/21 Contact Magnolia Ashbourne for more information.
  2. What does "group does not have enough land credits" mean when trying to deed land to a group?
  3. I am becoming very cautious about buying anything in SL these days. I am tired of textures that don't match up, big blobs on my skin where an outfit wasn't created with care, clothing where the top of a formal gown is one color (white) and the skirt is a different color (white). Not to mention things that just don't work as advertised. In the past I have contacted the creator, sendng screenshots of the problems. About 15% of these notes have been responded to by gracious designers who have been very fair in compensating me for the bad product. The other 85% just ignore it and continue to sell the same poor product. I could go on and on, I just wonder if there is a Better Business Bureau where these kinds of poor workmanship (most of it is just carelessness) can be reported and documented. Or maybe a SL 'Angie's List', where an unsuspecting customer can check out reviews for various businesses.
  4. When I am in SL, I use an average of 1.5 GB bandwidth in 2 hours. This is really excessive. How can I reduce this usage?
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